I design digital tools that enrich people’s real-world experiences.

The Good Form Running Site, iPad App, and iPhone App by Mike Scopino

New Balance Good Form Running

Almighty partnered with New Balance to expand their Good Form Running curriculum from a series of in-store clinics into a rich digital ecosystem.

Each tool of Good Form Running introduces users to the program's four pillars of form in a format most beneficial to the environment in which the tool is being used. I defined the details of each experience, through wireframes and prototyping, to create benefit for the user no matter which tool they interacted with first and drive the user to the others. This purposeful approach further solidifies New Balance's position as a thought leader in the area of running form.

The Good Form Running iPad app is a utility used by New Balance associates at marathon expos to capture and analyze video of person's form while on a treadmill. The experience is tailored to visually augment the one-on-one conversation between the runner and the associate. The iPhone app, downloadable from iTunes, is a companion tool for runner's daily lives. It provides form guides and a training log in a mobile friendly format.

Both tools drive users to the Good Form Running content on the New Balance website. Once there, users can explore desktop-friendly content including stories of runners' transitions to better form with video and infographics.

PerkStreet Homepage Designs by Mike Scopino


PerkStreet is an online checking account featuring a cash-back debit card. After they launched a multi-variant testing platform for their public site, they came to Fresh Tilled Soil for a redesign centered around measurable conversion.

I streamlined the site's architecture then created a new library of UI elements and a series of three unique homepage experiences. Since launch, their internal team has utilized the content architecture and UI developed during our collaboration to continue evolving and improving the experience on the site.

Role: UX Strategy, UI Design, Art Direction Agency: Fresh Tilled Soil

L.L. Bean 100th Anniversary

From online giveaways to real-world adventures, a year's worth of celebration became a unified customer experience through the 100th Anniversary site.

L.L.Bean 100th Anniversary Site, Facebook GOGG Contest, and TrailMix Blog by Mike Scopino

L.L. Bean had no shortage of programs that embodied the spirit of their hundred years of business. Almighty collaborated with internal teams and partner agencies to create an online home for the various activations and supporting content.

I engaged in a discovery process in which each program concept was evaluated and then architected a digital experience that united them while maintaining the unique identity of each. Through site maps, wireframes, and content spreadsheets the site and Facebook experiences were fully documented and distributed as resource for each team to understand the programs managed by the others.

Understanding that our users could become introduced to the anniversary from any one aspect of the celebration, I interwove content from one activation into the presentation of others to promote cross-navigation and exploration. Users who started on one of L.L. Bean's social media pages were guided to the anniversary site through their social programs like the Million Moment Mission while users on the e-commerce site were guided through limited edition anniversary products. All areas of the anniversary site funneled users to the calendar of events where they could register for one of the many outdoor activities happening throughout the year.

The L.L. Bean blog, now a part of their core site, was first launched as a part of the anniversary experience to provide realtime updates over the course of the year, including the progress of the now famous L.L. Bean Bootmobile as it traveled around the country.

Snacks Prototype

I love my dog and I enjoy tinkering. Merge those interests, and you have my first addition to the “internet of things”.

Snacks is small wifi-enabled box, built using an Arduino board and some servos, that awaits a command from the web to dispense the treats it holds. It's a rough prototype for now, but it's getting daily use and allowed me to learn a variety of new skills hands-on.

Role: Concept, Design, Development, Fabrication

Soulo Karaoke

Mid way through the development process of the Soulo Karaoke iOS app, the team at First Act decided they wanted to push the experience further and brought in Fresh Tilled Soil.

I audited the various workflows that made up the app to identify opportunities to further simplify and improve consistency. Without pushing the product launch date, we were able to improve the interactions of numerous features and apply a more crisp and contemporary UI of my design.

Role: UX Strategy, UI Design Agency: Fresh Tilled Soil Partner Agency: Seven45 Studios

Soulo Karaoke iPad Application by Mike Scopino
Nemo Sleeping Bags Website by Mike Scopino

Nemo Sleeping Bags

Nemo came to Almighty to create an e-commerce experience that told the story of the purposeful design that went into each limited edition sleeping bag.

Nemo tents and bags do not carry an unnecessary ounce of material. It was my goal to design a full-featured shopping experience in as simple a presentation as possible.

I based our approach on the concept of a single product detail page with a persistant visual navigation that kept each individual sleeping bag in the context of the full family. I created a content map and prototyped the experience. Scrolling top to bottom, the user traverses from a visually stimulating high level summary of the product down into rich detail complete with designer commentary and Facebook integration for conversation and questions.

The site experience was rounded out with a homepage that positioned Nemo's vision and a seamlessly branded Tumblr for ongoing updates.

Max Your Moves

In 2012 New Balance expanded their popular Minimus line and worked with Almighty to create a digital extension for the product launch that helped invigorate their target audience's active lifestyle.

The result, Max Your Moves, is an iOS game that awards a player's speed, agility, and stamina as they complete a series of physical challenges. I prototyped the gameplay and the app's architecture while defining a phased approach for product development and feature updates.

Role: UX Strategy, UX Design

Agency: Almighty Art Direction: Tom Gallo

The Max Your Moves iPhone App is a 2012 MITX Interactive Finalist
The Max Your Moves iPhone Application by Mike Scopino
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