The Situation

Online travel company InterRail had a vision to expand their product offering with a new membership program for tourists visiting Italy. Their concept, called ItaliaPass, would provide members with access to a variety of benefits that included savings on accommodations, exclusive tours, and private events. The team at InterRail needed to develop a new platform to deliver on their vision.

My Solution

I lead my team at Nonfiction through a UX design process that included research, information architecture, and rapid prototyping. We created a responsive web experience that enabled travelers to buy memberships, explore their benefits, and access their pass. Through low-fi prototyping, we were able to evaluate the purchase flows and the QR code-driven mobile pass to create a seamless user experience from start to end.

  • I created user flows and built consensus with stakeholders around functional requirements.
  • I defined the platform’s information architecture.
  • I created wireframes and a coded prototype.
  • I designed the interface for the quote flow as well as a holistic design system for the platform.
  • I collaborated with art directors and developers at as they built out the high-fidelity interface.
  • I used insights from the customer validation process to make iterative improvements on an ongoing basis.

What I Did

  • Research
  • User Flows
  • Storyboarding
  • Prototyping

The app architecture was mapped early in the process and considered multiple stages of the customer journey.

Early iterations used zone diagrams to explore content types.

The navigation was defined and iterated with clickable wireframes.

Wireframes informed the template types created during interface design.