The Situation

New Balance has earned a reputation in the running community as a manufacturer of high-quality running shoes and as a trusted perspective on proper running form—a topic they refer to as Good Form Running. The marketing team at New Balance imagined an interactive experience where visitors to their stores or events could receive personalized form assessments. They partnered with Almighty to bring to life their idea for Good Form Running assessments.

My Solution

I led the UX design of a multi-platform solution based around an iPad app that allowed New Balance employees to record and analyze video of a person running. The iPad app paired with additional displays at running expos to cue the participants and display analysis information. After their assessment, runners received a summary report by email. Their report directed them to additional content on the free Good Form Running iPhone app and

  • I collaborated with New Balance stakeholders and creative technologists at Almighty to establish functional requirements.
  • I conducted competitive analysis of existing digital coaching applications.
  • I documented user flows for the event experience, iPad app, and iPhone app.
  • I created wireframes and clickable prototypes.
  • I collaborated with art directors and developers at Almighty as they built out the high-fidelity interface.
  • I participated in field tests of the experience and collected qualitative feedback.

My Employer

  • Almighty

What I Did

  • User Flows
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • User Validation

The Almighty team came together around a set of values to drive the design.

The architecture of the iPad app was mapped.

Wireframes documented the flows of the experience as storyboards.

A snapshot of a personal assessment printout from a field test of the app.

The Good Form Running iPhone app and updated website content.