The Situation

Veson Nautical is an international software company that creates tools for the commercial maritime industry. After years of developing industry-leading desktop software, the team at Veson began the R&D process to create a new, browser-based tool for freight and fleet management. Seeking to expand their design capabilities, they partnered with Almighty to own the design of the new browser-based user experience known as Veslink.

My Solution

I led the UX design for the core features of the Veslink app that support the exchange of information between vessels at sea and the administrative teams on land. I defined a flexible information architecture that supported Veslink’s multiple user personas. The experience centered around an interactive map interface that charted voyage logistics, including cargo, supplies, and weather conditions. I designed an intuitive system of controls that allow users to adjust their view to reduce information overload and maximize insights.

  • I collaborated with product managers and engineers at Veson to establish functional requirements.
  • I defined the information architecture for the entire Veslink platform.
  • I created wireframes and storyboards for key interfaces.
  • I collaborated with art directors at Almighty as they designed the high-fidelity interface.

My Employer

  • Almighty

What I Did

  • App Architecture
  • Storyboarding
  • Wireframing

After sessions with the engineers and product managers at Veson, whiteboarding helped digest the complex functionality at play.

The app architecture was mapped early in the process and iterated in tandem with designs.

Wireframes documented the flows of the voyage experience as storyboards.

Additional rounds of wireframing fleshed out features including reporting and account administration.